RI Player W L T % Lo Hi Ave Lo Hi Ave TP C
75.58Dan Filbin4800.33388939075868130
72.63Adam Edlefson17120.94476888177868253
77.10Kevin Mosley352860.55678928576102872011
78.34Doug Barrett6200.75092949383868522
78.09Denny OShea313380.484829588809688217
77.22Eddie Bullinger4316130.7298190868293872115
78.60Jenny Clark261570.634859187799789137
77.93John McDonough201350.6068290858210589106
81.40Marko Daly3031110.49286100927910591219
79.78Kevin Daly332790.5508092887810291209
81.73Gani Pinero81550.348839991851029285
82.07Timmy Bullinger202360.4658599908110793148
86.01Jeff Foster211340.61890107968610596104
84.36John Sullivan153090.33390101958810894159
85.58Matt Hopkins181440.5638710996871079694
86.46Tommy Bullinger112430.3149098958811698126
85.68Brian Michielutti332760.550901019487106971913
87.02Brad Beyer253160.44692110998710796188
86.53Devin Grimes243960.38195106978810896206
86.21Matt Michielutti272250.5518999948811298165
90.03Jamie Boobyer182820.3919211010186112101158
89.14Chuck Moran372720.5788810795891201031910
93.57Joe Ziolkowski0220.00010410410410510510510
92.78Mikey Tobin241580.6159711510492119104148
91.74Rahul Gogate252870.4728910797921211071711
110.77Joey Bullinger71210.36812212612411613212463
93.07MVP Brian Trent303390.47697112104941181042110
94.67Greg McMaster102240.3139911710510011410696
108.39Rob Konkel151820.455110124116100152125105
91.96Berry Clark8620.571102127115891079542
107.33Tony Junge31340.18811111411310813812563
ALL-TIME RECORDS (Non-Active Players)
RI Player W L T % Lo Hi Ave Lo Hi Ave TP C
81.24Dave Kaznecki1200.33391919110
95.30Dave Greves1200.33310710710710
89.20Eric Williams0300.00010010010011
81.28Ray Santerini2100.66791919111
79.28Dan Sullivan0220.00084848492929210
88.41Brian Wilson2100.66799999910
82.30Lt Dan Martin5400.55687999231
97.26Andrew Sullivan2200.50097979711711711710
89.41Courtney Watson0300.00010010010010
88.89Mike Aho3300.5009410510021
92.41Jason Deverman9420.6929211710453
91.97Jeff Lundberg1500.16710010610320
91.60Tony Moran61340.316991041029311010374
107.18Chris Bugbee0300.00012012012010
91.58Tony Herald4400.5009810210010210610420
96.30TJ Aseltyne1200.33310810810811
northern michigan tourney golf outing golf
1Kevin Mosley & Matt Michielutti1.0003-0-0
1Eddie Bullinger & Tommy Bullinger1.0002-0-1
1Kevin Daly & Marko Daly1.0002-0-1
1Devin Grimes & Kevin Daly1.0002-0-0
1Brian Michielutti & Chuck Moran1.0002-0-0
1Brad Beyer & Matt Michielutti1.0002-0-0
1Jenny Clark & Matt Michielutti1.0002-0-0
1John McDonough & MVP Brian Trent1.0002-0-0
1Jamie Boobyer & Kevin Mosley1.0001-0-1
1Kevin Daly & MVP Brian Trent1.0001-0-1
1John Sullivan & Rob Konkel1.0001-0-1
1John McDonough & Rahul Gogate1.0001-0-1
1Eddie Bullinger & Kevin Daly1.0001-0-1
1Kevin Daly & Mikey Tobin1.0001-0-1
15Kevin Mosley & Rob Konkel0.6672-1-0
15Chuck Moran & Jeff Foster0.6672-1-0
15Eddie Bullinger & Rahul Gogate0.6672-1-0
18Chuck Moran & Marko Daly0.6003-2-0
19Denny OShea & Kevin Mosley0.5001-1-1
19MVP Brian Trent & Rahul Gogate0.5001-1-1
19Marko Daly & MVP Brian Trent0.5001-1-0
19Chuck Moran & Eddie Bullinger0.5001-1-0
19Marko Daly & Tommy Bullinger0.5001-1-0
19Denny OShea & Timmy Bullinger0.5001-1-0
19Brian Michielutti & Mikey Tobin0.5001-1-0
19Brad Beyer & Greg McMaster0.5001-1-0
19John Sullivan & Mikey Tobin0.5001-1-0
19Jeff Foster & Matt Hopkins0.5001-1-0
19Brian Michielutti & Rahul Gogate0.5001-1-0
19Brad Beyer & Eddie Bullinger0.5001-1-0
19Devin Grimes & Jenny Clark0.5001-1-0
19Denny OShea & Rahul Gogate0.5001-1-0
33Devin Grimes & Kevin Mosley0.3331-2-0
34Joey Bullinger & Rahul Gogate0.0000-2-0
34Chuck Moran & MVP Brian Trent0.0000-2-0
34Denny OShea & Tommy Bullinger0.0000-2-0
34Denny OShea & Jamie Boobyer0.0000-2-0
34Brad Beyer & Marko Daly0.0000-1-1
northern michigan tourney golf outing golf
1Brian Michielutti & Jenny Clark1.0004-0-1
1Adam Edlefson & Jeff Foster1.0003-0-0
1Brian Michielutti & John Sullivan1.0002-0-1
1Eddie Bullinger & Kevin Mosley1.0002-0-0
1Jenny Clark & Kevin Daly1.0002-0-0
1Denny OShea & Kevin Mosley1.0002-0-0
1Chuck Moran & Doug Barrett1.0002-0-0
1John McDonough & Rahul Gogate1.0002-0-0
1Kevin Mosley & Mikey Tobin1.0002-0-0
1Devin Grimes & Marko Daly1.0001-0-1
1Marko Daly & MVP Brian Trent1.0001-0-1
1Kevin Mosley & Timmy Bullinger1.0001-0-1
1Mikey Tobin & MVP Brian Trent1.0001-0-1
1Denny OShea & Gani Pinero1.0001-0-1
15Eddie Bullinger & Jamie Boobyer0.6672-1-0
16Chuck Moran & Marko Daly0.5001-1-1
16Marko Daly & Mikey Tobin0.5001-1-1
16Chuck Moran & Denny OShea0.5001-1-0
16Chuck Moran & Kevin Mosley0.5001-1-0
16Jason Deverman & MVP Brian Trent0.5001-1-0
16Brad Beyer & John Sullivan0.5001-1-0
16Eddie Bullinger & Rahul Gogate0.5001-1-0
16John Sullivan & Timmy Bullinger0.5001-1-0
16Jeff Foster & Rob Konkel0.5001-1-0
16Devin Grimes & Timmy Bullinger0.5001-1-0
16Brad Beyer & Kevin Mosley0.5001-1-0
16Kevin Mosley & Matt Hopkins0.5001-1-0
16Kevin Daly & Matt Michielutti0.5001-1-0
29Brian Michielutti & Denny OShea0.3331-2-0
30Brian Michielutti & Tommy Bullinger0.0000-2-0
30Brad Beyer & Tommy Bullinger0.0000-2-0
30MVP Brian Trent & Rahul Gogate0.0000-2-0
30Greg McMaster & Marko Daly0.0000-2-0
30Devin Grimes & Eddie Bullinger0.0000-1-1
30Brad Beyer & Jenny Clark0.0000-1-1
30Kevin Daly & Timmy Bullinger0.0000-1-1
Ranking Index (RI) Explained
The RI was established to keep the teams evenly matched. Instead of using player handicaps, which do not take into account the rigors of a BnB weekend, we use our own statistics. The lions share of a the RI is derived by using a filtered average of a player's Sunday score. Other variables used, in order of weight, are Sunday win percentage, Saturday win percentage, Friday average score (again filtered) and average rank. To a smaller degree, the LVP, Losing Captain and Boob awards detract from a player's RI. Conversely, the MVP, CTP, LD, Winning Captain and being on the winning team will enhance your RI.
northern michigan tourney golf outing
1 Kevin MOSLEY 728
2 Adam Edlefson 208
3 Marko DALY 156
golfing michigan golf tournament group golf outing
1 Eddie BULLINGER 20
1 Marko DALY 20
1 Denny OSHEA 20
1 MVP Brian TRENT 20
5 Chuck MORAN 18
7 Devin GRIMES* 19
8 John SULLIVAN 14
9 Jenny CLARK 12
northern michigan tourney golf outing golf
6.21.18 Timmy BULLINGER #6 Springdale GC GW-126
8.04.12 Devin GRIMES #2 Nashville Muni GC 9i-140
11.4.07 Gani PINERO #17 Diablo Creek GC SW-100
7.14.07 Chuck MORAN #17 West Branch CC SW-130
8.04.06 John SULLIVAN #2 Sawmill GC 8i-160
6.10.06 Jeff FOSTER #2 Hankard Hills GC 7i-175
6.20.02 Kevin DALY* #15 Hankard Hills GC 9i-133
8.01.94 Mark DALY #11 Sharp Park GC 8i-168
northern michigan tourney golf outing golf
1Rob Konkel0.800116.20
2Kevin Daly0.77887.67
2Rahul Gogate0.77896.78
4Adam Edlefson0.75081.40
4Eddie Bullinger0.75085.78
4Jenny Clark0.75087.00
4Gani Pinero0.75091.25
4Berry Clark0.750115.00
9John McDonough0.71484.75
10Mikey Tobin0.667104.29
11Timmy Bullinger0.62590.44
12Matt Hopkins0.57196.11
13Kevin Mosley0.50085.44
13Doug Barrett0.50093.00
13Chuck Moran0.50094.67
13Jeff Foster0.50096.25
17MVP Brian Trent0.429104.00
18Matt Michielutti0.40094.17
18Jamie Boobyer0.400101.00
20Brad Beyer0.37599.25
21Brian Michielutti0.33394.33
22Denny OShea0.28687.56
22Marko Daly0.28692.44
22Devin Grimes0.28697.44
25Tommy Bullinger0.25095.00
26Greg McMaster0.222105.44
27John Sullivan0.14395.22
28Dan Filbin0.00089.67
28Joe Ziolkowski0.000104.00
28Tony Junge0.000112.50
northern michigan tourney golf outing golf
1Adam Edlefson1.00081.80
1Doug Barrett1.00084.50
3Chuck Moran0.684103.21
4Eddie Bullinger0.66787.48
4Mikey Tobin0.667103.50
6Matt Hopkins0.62595.67
6Brad Beyer0.62596.39
6Matt Michielutti0.62598.19
9Denny OShea0.61987.81
10Brian Michielutti0.61197.05
11Timmy Bullinger0.57192.79
12Jeff Foster0.55696.40
13Jenny Clark0.54588.85
14Marko Daly0.52690.71
15John McDonough0.50089.20
16John Sullivan0.46794.20
17Devin Grimes0.45096.45
18Kevin Daly0.44490.65
19MVP Brian Trent0.421104.48
20Kevin Mosley0.38987.35
21Dan Filbin0.33381.33
21Berry Clark0.33394.75
21Joey Bullinger0.333124.33
21Rob Konkel0.333125.00
25Rahul Gogate0.313106.53
26Greg McMaster0.286106.00
27Tommy Bullinger0.27398.08
28Jamie Boobyer0.267100.67
29Tony Junge0.200125.33
30Gani Pinero0.16791.63