Official B&B Rules

ORIGINAL RULES (circa 2000)

1. Each player must have a proper cooler of beer
2. Proper golf attire MUST be worn
3. Keep carts away from greens, tees and Boobs
4. Replace divots -repair ball marks- and save cans
5. Must drink within the prescribed time limit
6. See Starter for urination policy
7. Winter rules apply


00-b. Flipping carts is just plain wrong.
01-b. If player is missing, that team forfeits his singles match.
02-b. If a player gets an ace on any hole, in any round including the Pro-Am, he wins the closest to the pin contest.
03-b.1 Each player must drink a minimum of a six-pack per 18 holes on Saturday or forfeit those rounds. (ammended in '22)
03-b.2 Lower seeded partner is allowed 2 shots everywhere except on the green. Two shots throughout if he is seeded Higher, when partner MIA during scramble matches.
04-b.1 Team captains will be selected by each team and will in turn select the pairings for the Saturday rounds.
04-b.2 Winning team from the previous year will need 1/2 point less to retain the cup regardless of players.(removed in '11)
04-b.3 Newbies may only be invited by players with a minimum of 3 years playing experience. (amended in '15)
05-b.1 In the event of a tie, the winner of the Pro-Am will be decided by who won the hardest ranked hole, if tied, the second hardest, etc. until a winner is decided. (removed in '09, Chuck and Devin keep changing this rule)
05-b.2 Strategic gimmies during moving tee rounds must be within the length of the flagpole. No gimmies during the Sunday rounds.
05-b.3 Maximum tee box move during moving tee rounds is one. Birdie or Eagle, move back one tee box. Bogey or Triple, move up one tee box.
06-b. During all rounds, the ball may be rolled (winter rules). Both shots must be taken within a club-length of the original ball. The ball can not be removed from a hazzard, nor can you improve the grass on which the ball rests. For example, A ball in the rough can not be moved to the fairway. A ball on the fringe can not be moved onto the green. This rule does not apply to balls on the putting surface.
08-b. Any player who misses their Sunday tee time will forfeit that round and will record a score one stroke higher than the high round for that day.
09-b.1 If a player must withdraw from the tourney before play begins and a new player has been chosen to take his place. The opposing captain has two options with regards.
     a) Substitute the new player for the exiting player with everything staying exactly as it is.
     b) Reseed all the players with the new player in the mix. Rework captains and Saturday AM pairings if necessary.
09-b.2 A player may carry as many clubs in his bag or use other player clubs as he deems necessary. (The Deverman Rule)
10-b.1 Newbies can not be captain.
10-b.2 Any player who is able to catch their own shank on the fly, may replay their shot. Rule 06-b. applies.
11-b.1 The team with the lowest Friday Team Total score, as described on the Schedule of Events page, will hold the tiebreaker should the tourney result in a tie. (Rule 04-b.2 removed)
11-b.2 The captain of the winning team from the Friday Team Total will also have his choice of Saturday pairings.
11-b.3 In the event both teams bogey or birdie a hole during the Moving Tee rounds, both teams will stay on their current tee box.
11-b.4 Due to overwhelming details that have come to light since the 2004 vote, the 2004 Boob Award is being awarded to Marko Daly instead of his scapegoat brother Kever. (Amended unanimously in 2011)
11-b.5 Players may hold branches, weeds, bushes, etc. to give their partner a competitive edge during the Saturday rounds.
11-b.6 Respectfully standing in direct view of your opponent, his teammate, or your partner's putting or chipping line is allowed in all matches.
13-b.1 Entry into the tourney will be available based on the Seniority Chart.
13-b.2 Saturday Teams must leave the course immediatly upon finishing their morning and evening matches.
13-b.3 Team Captains will sound a horn at 20 minutes after Sunset on Saturday. Teams still on the course will complete the hole they are currently playing. This will also be the last hole of the match.
14-b.1 If a partner is MIA during a best ball match. The player is allowed 50% of the missing players handicap in addition to his own.(removed in '21, we no longer give strokes)
15-b.1 Players must have an active streak of six or more consecutive tournaments played AND have at least one more total tournaments played than Foster in order to invite newbies. (Rule 04-b.3 amended)
16-b.1 When a player hits a hole-in-one, they will only collect the money that was added to the pot during the years they participated.
17-b.1 We play rain, snow, or shine.
17-b.2 In the event the course shuts down for any reason, only matches completed in full will be counted.
21-b.1 We are no longer giving strokes in any round. Rule 14-b.1 is removed.
22-b.1 Rule 03-b.1 is removed. Players may drink, or not, as they choose.
23-b.1 If a player is injured during the weekend, the match in which they are injured their partner receives no help. However, if they can not continue for the rest of the weekend, Rule 03-b.2 will be used.
23-b.2 On non-moving-tee rounds, players are allowed to play from any tee box at or longer than the agreed upon tee. For example: If we are playing from the middle tees, a player may play any holes they like from the back tees. They do not need to play all holes from the same tee box.

Players with 15 or more tourneys:
Money needs to be in by April 1st.

Players who played the previous year:
Money needs to be in by January 1st.

Players with 10 or more tourneys:
Money needs to be in by February 1st... spots must be available.

Players with 4 or less tourneys:
First come, first served basis... spots must be available.

If spots are still open after April 1st, First come, first served... with an invitation.
In a close match, Devin Grimes opponents made an exception to the ONE CLUB-LENGTH rule (06-b) and allowed his team to move the ball out of the water for the their second shot ... under one condition. He had to play the first shot from the water. So Mr. Grimes removed his shoes and socks and proceeded lose the hole anyway thanks in part to a duff on his partner's next shot!
In a another close match, Rahul Gogate from Royal Oak, MI addressed his ball on the #10 Tee of the Wolverine course in Traverse City, MI, and in his attempt to strike the ball, completely missed. What we call a "Whiff". He then swung again and hit the ball a mere 45 ids. John McDonough from Chicago, IL, originally from Jackson, MI, hit his tee shot into the woods and out of play. They finished the hole with what they thought was a par, halving the hole. Timothy Patrick Bullinger of Mount Clemens, MI and Anthony Moran of Vandercook Lake, MI, both originally from Jackson, MI, questioned Mr. Gogate repeatedly on whether or not he intended to strike the ball with his first swing. After much snickering, they did confess that it was indeed a "whiff". According to USGA Rule 14-1.5, Mr. Gogate and Mr. McDonough forfeited the hole. And went on to half the match.